What Our Patients Like Most About Our Pharmacy

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  • "Really excellent service by caring, knowledgeable staff. Always smiles and prompt service with attention to detail. I've never had to wait. The pharmacists will stop everything to explain meds and help customers even when they're busy. Most places do not do that. Also, they are competitively priced, right here in our little town. Got my flu shot today and I noticed they've got some mugs, cards and some lovely religious gift items."
  • "Now I can take my prescription in to Albany Drugs to be filled and no long lines!! If I don't feel like going inside, I can go to the drive through window and get fast service. If there happens to be a line there they will come out to the car and see what you need and then bring it out to you so you don't have to wait. Bottom line, I love their fast and friendly service!!"
  • "I moved here 1 year ago, was referred by Dutchtown Pharmacy in Gonzales when I asked them where can I get the same expert care. They were totally on spot, I've been totally pleased . From the pharmacist to all the ladies that have helped me with a friendly smile and professional attitude. You feel more like family here than just a customer."
  • "I appreciate the prompt friendly service at Albany Drugs. I cant see those tiny Rx numbers on pill bottles when calling for refills...no problem...give your name and they know exactly what prescriptions can be refilled. Then I get a text when my Rx's are ready to be picked up.

    Even though there is fast service at the drive thru, I love going inside. They always welcome you, know your name and will go overboard to help when there is a problem between my doctor and my insurance for certain drugs. There is always a great array of gifts, especially homemade things from local people. I especially enjoy this as there aren't any places out here to shop and I cant deal with large stores any more. It's really nice having them so close to my home."

  • "They stay on top of what meds your taking and the ones that don't have the same side effects of others they are always willing to talk about the concern and they let you know what is ready by text message wish they were open 7 days of the week n had a after hours person who can answer concerns but over all best hometown drug store I have found."

  • "Excellent service. Prompt refills. Never any undo waiting for prescriptions. I have been with Albany drugs for nearly ten years. Started using their services after Hurricane Katrina, I am from St. Bernard, La. We had a small family run drugstore and Albany drugs was jut what I was looking for."

  • "I don't live in Albany but I go there just because of the kind people who work there."

  • "The are very courteous and will go out of their way to help their customers! Highly recommended!"

You can help Albany Drugs by leaving a great review on Facebook and Google - thank you!